The cultural clash between east and west after 9/11 is brought sharply into focus in Mira Nair's adaptation of the best-selling novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which opened the Venice Film Festival this week.  Listen to the director Mira Nair speak about her inspirations. [More...]
    Pakistani Shahid Khan is teh first ethnic minority to own an NFL team. The Jacksonville Jaguars' owner immigrated to the U.S. with $500 and a dream. Watch this 60 Minutes report on the man and his team. [More...]
    iLahore defines itself as an initative to bring Pakistan to the world and the world to Pakistan.  Founded by  a group of university students and young professionals who are done whining about Pakistan’s image and want to do something about it, this dynamic site shows a side to the country that many without access may never get a chance to know. [More...]
    Former cricketer Imran Khan is now playing for a greater prize - but can he upset Pakistan's political status quo?  Watch this video by Al Jazeera's People & Power as they hit the campaign trail with him. [More...]
    John Legend and Seth Meyers share a laugh at The Nur Project's benefit for flood relief. The event raised over $500K for flood victims in the affected areas.  See more images from this historic night. [More...]
      Join Rutgers Associate Professor Deepa Kumar to discuss Islamaphobia and its effects on today's world.
      Veteran journalist Christopher Lydon, of Radio Open Source, traveled to Pakistan in the summer of 2011, microphone in hand, ready to take the pulse of the embattled nation.
      October, 2011 Be among the first to visit the newly renovated Islamic Art Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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    THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST:  Let's give the floor to director Mira Nair and to the stars of her "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" Kate Hudson, Riz Ahmed and Liev Schreiber. Here the highlights of the press conference of the film that opened the 69th Venice Film Festival.
    HOLY ECSTASY:   Qawwali's respected Faiz Ali Faiz Ensenble & Holy Ecstasy, a gospel choir, collaborate for a live concert in Nice, France.  The result is a spectacular blend of music that will inspire worship.

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    • PAKISTANIS BREAK HUMAN FLAG RECORD More than 24,000 Pakistanis have broken a world record to create the world's largest human flag. BBC News, October 29, 2012
    • ANGELINA JOLIE'S CHARITY DONATES TOWARD GIRLS' EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN Angelina Jolie's Education Partnership for Children of Conflict is donating $50,000 in the name of Malala Yousafzai -- the 14-year-old shot by the Taliban -- to Tina Brown's Women in the World Foundation. The Hollywood Reporter, October 22, 2012
    • MALALA YOUSUFZAI: WOMEN'S RIGHTS AND THE NARRATIVES OF THE RULING ELITES You’d think that if it weren’t for the Taliban shooting at them, millions of girls in Pakistan would be sitting in school. These kinds of stories are convenient for Pakistan’s entrenched ruling classes, but they have very little to do with the deeper truth. The reality isn’t so complex, but it has to be spelled out a bit. The Platform, October 22, 2012
    • FUNDRAISING FOR MALALA FUND KICKS OFF AT LUMS The LUMS community expressed its protest at the horrific attack on 14-year-old education activist, Malala Yousufzai through a peace vigil at the Central Courtyard of the LUMS campus. Students, staff and faculty gathered to pay tribute to the bravery and dedication shown by MalalaYousufzai and also prayed for her quick recovery., October 16, 2012
    • WE ARE ALL MALALA YOUSAFZAI Three days ago, a young Pakistani girl from Swat was shot in the head, point-blank, by a Taliban gunman. Miraculously, she is still alive - a courageous young woman who will not be silenced. Malala Yusufzai, the 14 year-old champion of a woman's right to self-expression, lies in critical condition in a hospital in Rawalpindi. Her attackers claim to be enacting the will of God. The Pakistani public, and Muslims around the world, vehemently disagree. The Huffington Post, October 16, 2012
    • NEW STANFORD/NYU STUDY ON CIVILIAN TERROR LINK TO OBAMA'S DRONES New research shows the terrorizing impact of drones in Pakistan, false statements from US officials, and how it increases the terror threat The Guardian, September 26, 2012
    • TWO PAKISTANI WOMEN FEATURE ON 'FOREIGN POLICY LEADERS' LIST Two Pakistani women have been featured on “Top 99 under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders,” list compiled by the The Diplomatic Courier (TDC). The International Herald Tribune, September 11, 2012
    • 'THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST' OPENS VENICE FILM FESTIVAL The cultural clash between east and west after 9/11 is brought sharply into focus in Mira Nair's adaptation of the best-selling novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which opened the Venice Film Festival this week. BBC News, September 11, 2012
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